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G & G Technics website

We dedicate ourselves to the design and manufacture of innovative precision engineered tools for automotive applications.
All of our current tools are specifically made to ensure maximum function with minimum fuss, transforming normally difficult procedures in to time saving and cost effective methods.
Everything we make we guarantee for life against breakage and all that we create undergoes rigorous testing which founds our lifetime warranty.

G & G Technics is a family business dedicated to the design and the manufacture of innovative specialist tools that enable the Automotive Technician to carry out what is sometimes the most difficult repairs quickly and efficiently.

All designs, research and development is carried out in house by our dedicated staff to ensure that the final product can withstand our "Lifetime Warranty Quality Assurance Program".

Our products are covered by Australian and International Patents, this ensures that you as the purchaser won't see a lesser quality, cheaper tool or product that undermines the value of your purchase.

G & G Technics was formed by Glen Duffy in 2003 and has been producing and marketing to major tool outlets in the automotive industry ever since.

Our range of tools includes:

* Harmonic Balancer pullers
* Power steering/water pump pulley removers
* Wheel bearing remover/replacing adaptors
* Ball joint and Suspension tools

Currently G & G Technics is undergoing an expansion program with our new location in Brisbane where we will be expanding our product range to ensure that we are the market leaders in the Specialized Tool and Automotive Products industry.